Awesome Dining Rooms With A Floral Touch

Dark Florals When we think of florals most of us immediately imagine light pastel hues; however, the truth is florals come in an array of colors and even patterns. For more masculine or simplistic features go for darker florals. Darker florals bring a bit of an edgy feel right where you want and need it. Wallpaper Wallpaper is always a good idea, particularly in the dining room. With that being said, go for a daring, repetitive wallpaper that brings beauty to the room without taking Continue reading →

Beautiful Bright White Dining Rooms

However, it can be a bit puzzling which is where a white dining room can be an excellent option- they’re white, clean, and work well with numerous decorating styles. Lanterns When it comes to brightening up any room, light fixtures are always a good idea. Particularly if the room feels a bit dreary or dark. That is where lanterns will come in- not only do they come in a unique fixture, but they feel authentic and warm due to how easily they blend in the Continue reading →

Refresh Your Kitchen On A Budget

New Handles & Pulls Changing your cabinets hardware can make a big difference even if it seems minuscule to the eye. Consider going for a colorful twist to make a bold difference in the way it’s viewed by most. You want your eyes to gravitate towards the handles and pull for the fresh feel from the very beginning. Paint Your Cabinets Adding a layer of paint can completely change the feel of the room, without having to change your cabinets. Changing your cabinets is an Continue reading →

Color Palettes That Actually Work

Teal & Red While teal and red are a unique pairing, they do create a sense of warmth in any room they’re placed in. For that contrasting effect take both hues and make them a staple in the room. Having them blend with your other hues will ensure the room comes to life. Hues of Blue & Orange Although hues of blue have traditionally worked well with almost every color, there is something about bits of orange that can instantly make the room come to life. Continue reading →

Create Chic Kitchen Layouts

Open Up the Space One of the very first steps you can do to change up the layout of your kitchen is to open it up. While most of us keep the area closed off, it is a great idea to open it up and give it a more modern appeal. Doing so makes the room feel bigger and even evolved a bit. Bring a Focal Point Whether you have it as part of your wall, or as your island, you want to bring a Continue reading →

Living Rooms That Scream Modern

With that being said, meshing the two together might seem more of a task, then what it actually is, here are timeless living rooms that scream modern in their very own unique kind of way. Lacquered Walls One look that is currently very much on trend as it has been thus far is lacquered walls; however, this look has mainly remained as part of the kitchen area. But with that being said, the trend is slowly migrating to the living room and we are loving Continue reading →

Charming Master Bathroom Ideas

Everyone who has a master bathroom in their home knows there is nothing quite like lying in the tub after a long day of work and feeling the stress of your day simply wash away in your own personal bathroom. However, just like it can be extremely relaxing it can also be tedious to find the perfect décor for the bathroom. The key is going for a simple space that has everything you need while feeling charming and relaxing. Keeping that idea in mind, we Continue reading →

Best Coffee Table Ideas For Small Apartments

If you reside in a smaller home or an apartment, then you are well aware of how difficult it can be to find a coffee table that fits your needs. Let’s face it, most coffee tables are either large enough to fit multiple people (which is not necessary) or they’re extremely long and take up too much room, in all actuality you want to find a coffee table that balances the room in a cohesive manner. With that being said, here are a few coffee Continue reading →

Stylish Playroom Ideas

Most parents know the playroom tends to become the room, toys are simply thrown in and most unused furniture pieces get placed around for some sort of seating area. We all know the playroom isn’t necessarily the most decorated space or even the most thought of room instead of its simply “there.” However, that is until now! With a little bit of consideration, your kid’s playroom can become one of your personal favorite rooms in your home. Here are 10 stylish playroom ideas that will Continue reading →

Cool Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

Think Outside The Box, Instead of a big coffee table, use heavy, sculptural cylinders, which can be easily moved around. Then, add colorful accents like flowers and books to stand out pop against the white base. Small, But Mighty, If you’re working with a teeny tiny table, like a pouf, limit yourself to one, maybe two items. All you need is a mini vase of flowers and you’re set. Plants For People Who Always Kill Plants, Want an indoor plant on your table but can’t Continue reading →