Color Palettes That Actually Work

Teal & Red

While teal and red are a unique pairing, they do create a sense of warmth in any room they’re placed in. For that contrasting effect take both hues and make them a staple in the room. Having them blend with your other hues will ensure the room comes to life.

Hues of Blue & Orange

Although hues of blue have traditionally worked well with almost every color, there is something about bits of orange that can instantly make the room come to life. The color blue works in almost every room because of how gender neutral it tends to be, yet when it is paired with hints of orange it instantly becomes something bold and grand.

Olive Green & Brown

Even though these two colors tend to be a bit “too neutral” together they work exceptionally well. Not only are they in the same color family, but they add a little something extra to each other. To make this palette work seamlessly ensure to add hints of cream and stark white.

Pale Coral & Navy

Pale coral has become one of those colors that works well in any room and with any color. However, this time we are working with bits navy for a whimsical feel. The darkness of the navy shade will come to life with the coral accents.

Turquoise & Tangerine

The blend of turquoise and tangerine brings an exotic feel to the room that is quite beautiful to look at. Although, the color combination is a bit different its one of those hues that come to life, even more, when they’re displayed together.

Gold Yellow & Green

Gold yellow is such a strong shade that it brings beauty and texture to any room and with any hue- that is where green comes into play. Use a wallpaper with gold yellow or green and allow the contrary shade to make a statement on its own.