Living Rooms That Scream Modern

With that being said, meshing the two together might seem more of a task, then what it actually is, here are timeless living rooms that scream modern in their very own unique kind of way.

Lacquered Walls

One look that is currently very much on trend as it has been thus far is lacquered walls; however, this look has mainly remained as part of the kitchen area. But with that being said, the trend is slowly migrating to the living room and we are loving it. The living room can always make great use of shiny walls that bring everything together in one simple space.

Keep it Laidback

When it comes to the living room many of us want to keep it chic and elegant but sometimes you really want a laidback look where you can relax while being timeless. That is exactly what this look will give you, consider having a comfy couch and adding chairs that are less structured and have a sleeker appeal to them

Floating Shelves

Large entertainment centers are no longer the go-to look, instead, sleeker spaces are. Therefore, floating shelves are an excellent element to have. They can be hung from different areas of the living room and allow you to display the décor you would like displayed instead of having it hidden.

High Contrasts

Bringing in bold colors, textures, and patterns is excellent to bring a twist of modern as its core element. The bold contrasts will bring that unique element that brightens up the room, in order to bring that timeless appeal, you want to ensure you add contrasting bits in neutral.

Colorful Chairs

Time and time again we will always reiterate the benefits of having colorful chairs as part of the main décor. The colorful chairs add contrast in the space while making a statement in their very own right. Choose a bold color that is still subtle enough that it blends with the room’s natural aesthetics.

Rounded Layout

When considering how to create a layout for your living room choose a rounded look. The rounded look feels charming and appealing in its own right while giving you the familiar aesthetics we all know and love. Additionally, a rounded layout allows you to work with tables and accent chairs that need a bit of a spotlight.