Best Coffee Table Ideas For Small Apartments

If you reside in a smaller home or an apartment, then you are well aware of how difficult it can be to find a coffee table that fits your needs. Let’s face it, most coffee tables are either large enough to fit multiple people (which is not necessary) or they’re extremely long and take up too much room, in all actuality you want to find a coffee table that balances the room in a cohesive manner.

With that being said, here are a few coffee table ideas for your smaller apartment that will enhance the room and give it a stylish new look.

Hexagon Table

While a hexagon table might be a bit too big for most, it’s the perfect statement piece to have even in the smallest living room. The unique shape of the table will brighten the room and bring a focal point without taking over the room. Additionally, if you happen to move to a larger space you can use it as a side table instead.


A mosaic table is one of those unique pieces that has a mosaic display while adding color and pattern. Regardless of how tiny the table might be it packs a huge punch due to how color is woven into the beautiful piece.

Farmhouse Piece

Just because you’re looking for a smaller table does not mean you can’t go for a farmhouse aesthetics. Choose a larger farmhouse table with a storage piece as part of the bottom to add a layer of comfort and additional storage space that can be used for multiple different reasons.

Grown Pink

Pink is one of those hues that traditionally feels a bit “too” feminine or even “child-like;” however, when done properly, it can be the ultimate chic element in the room. The idea is to have a pastel pink table with a metallic base and have it be one or the only pink tone in the room. This will give it the unique touch you seek without the added frills.

Simple and Round

When in doubt, opt for a simple and round table. The simplicity of a round table goes a long way because it brings a uniform look to the room while still being size friendly. Contemplate a small table and allow it to sit right in the center while showcasing your favorite coffee table decorative pieces.