Cool Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

Think Outside The Box, Instead of a big coffee table, use heavy, sculptural cylinders, which can be easily moved around. Then, add colorful accents like flowers and books to stand out pop against the white base. Small, But Mighty, If you’re working with a teeny tiny table, like a pouf, limit yourself to one, maybe two items.

All you need is a mini vase of flowers and you’re set. Plants For People Who Always Kill Plants, Want an indoor plant on your table but can’t keep one alive to save your life? Succulents are the answer to bring a little fresh energy to your table. Stacks on Stacks, Stack books and place decorative objects, like bowls or a vase of flowers, on top of each. Individual stacks will help make it feel more compact and less cluttered.

The Run-Down, If you’ve got an upholstered coffee table, like an ottoman, try using a runner to play with patterns. You could add a tray on top if you want, but it’ll add enough visual interest on its own.

Get Lit, An oversize lantern is decorative, but also functional. It’s a cool, unique alternative to a basic coffee table candle. Organized Clutter, Use your coffee table to show off your collections: boxes, books, and even artwork. Guests will want to examine everything. Be A Bookworm, Finally—put all those gifted coffee table books to use. If you want to break it up, add boxes or a tray.

Try A Tray, Large coffee tables don’t feel so massive when you layer on a tray. It helps breaks up the surface. Back To Nature, Incorporate objects that are elemental and natural, like these antique wooden bowls and the horn magnifying glass. They add history to a room as well as beauty. Simple, But So Chic, When in doubt, keep it simple.

All you need is a small vase of flowers to add some color and keep your space from feeling too stark. Twice As Nice, Two drum tables take the place of one big coffee table in this Napa Valley living room. They’re better for traffic flow than one of those huge knee-knockers, and easily moved to wherever they’re needed.

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