Refresh Your Kitchen On A Budget

New Handles & Pulls

Changing your cabinets hardware can make a big difference even if it seems minuscule to the eye. Consider going for a colorful twist to make a bold difference in the way it’s viewed by most. You want your eyes to gravitate towards the handles and pull for the fresh feel from the very beginning.

Paint Your Cabinets

Adding a layer of paint can completely change the feel of the room, without having to change your cabinets. Changing your cabinets is an expensive ordeal; therefore, it makes sense to simply give them a fresh new take on what you already have- a simple coat of paint can do wonders. Doing so will create a clean slate that is fresh and clean.

Glass Panels

Completely swapping your cabinet doors for glass panels can make a huge contrast in the room, while making the space feel new and put together. Additionally, it is cheaper to do so. Furthermore, you might want to consider removing the doors completely and having an open floor plan display instead.

Accent Wall

When in doubt, go for an accent wall. An accent wall completely refreshes the room while being open and adding color. The extra dose of color and pattern will bring a modern appeal that further enhances the rooms size and theme.

Pendant Lighting

Extra lighting is always a good idea, not only does it make the room look and feel larger, but your kitchen will feel warmer in an enchanting manner. Pendant light fixtures are great due to their size and how chic they can be.